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This order of battle is a long-standing attempt to provide an up-to-date picture of the status and disposition of the British Army. The information used in this order of battle is taken from many sources, including the British Army's website, Soldier Magazine, Andrew Dunford's former British Army website (Andrew, where have you gone!?), and help from many others. However with the constant ever-changing nature of the British Army, it may not always contain the latest information. Please inform us of any new information or corrections you may have.

Note that British unit sizes can be misleading, especially for American readers. Firstly, active armoured regiments are of American squadron/battalion size with squadrons being of troop/company size (troops are also of platoon size). Similarly artillery regiments are also of battalion size, however with batteries being of the 'normal' company size. Infantry battalions are virtually synomous to American units, except for natural TO&E differences.

Yeomanry, 'Volunteer' units and the lone Militia unit are reserve formations, part of the Territorial Army.

Abbreviations can be found at the end of this document.

Full regimental and battalion names can be found on my Regiments of the British Army page.

I would also like to thank T.F. Mills, who runs the Land Forces of Britain, the Commonwealth and Empire website, and has been very helpfull.

Please e-mail me any questions or comments to Neil Baumgardner or Graham Watson. Be sure to also check out Graham Watson's British Army 2001 order of battle at

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Land Command (Wilton, Wiltshire, England)

  • United Kingdom Support Command (Germany) (Rheindahlen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
  • Abbreviations used:
        Ambl Inf          Airmobile Infantry
        Armd               Armoured (Challenger)
        Armd Inf          Armoured Infantry (Warrior)
        Armd Recon    Armoured Reconnaissance
        Cer                  Ceremonial
        LFH                 Light Field Howitzer (105mm)
        Lt Inf                Light Infantry
        Lt Recon          Light Reconnaissance (Land Rover)
        Mech Inf          Mechanized Infantry (Saxon)
        MLRS              Multiple Launch Rocket System
        NBC Recon     Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance
        Para                 Parachute
        Para Inf            Parachute Infantry
        SPH                 Self-Propelled Howitzer (AS90)
        STA                 Surveillance and Target Acquisition
        TA                   Territorial Army
        TA Inf              Territorial Army Infantry
        WER                War Establishment Reserve (Reinforcements)


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