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This order of battle is my latest attempt to provide an up-to-date picture of the status and disposition of the Canadian Army. The information used in this order of battle is taken from several sources, including the Canadian Army website's Army Units section and T.F. Mill's Regiments and Corps of the Canadian Army.

Note that Canadian unit sizes can be misleading, especially for American readers. This is primarily due to the Canadian military's British roots. Firstly, active armoured regiments are of American squadron/battalion size with squadrons being of troop/company size. Similarly, active artillery regiments are also of battalion size, however with batteries being of the 'normal' company size. Active infantry battalions are virtually synomous to American units, with natural TO&E differences.

However, Canadian army reserve units are especially misleading. Most reserve regiments actually include only a headquarters and a single line squadron, company, or battery. The infantry battalions in the Atlantic area appear to be an expection to this rule, with each composed of several line companies. For more information on reserve unit composition, see individual unit websites and Appendixes H-K of the 2000 Report of the Special Commission on the Restructuring of the Reserves.

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Canadian Army (Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Land Forces Western Area (CFB Edmonton, Alberta)
  • Land Forces Central Area (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Secteur du Québec de la Force Terrestre (Land Forces Quebec Area) (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Land Forces Atlantic Area (Halifax, New Brunswick)
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