Hungarian Defense Forces

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Hungarian Armed Forces

  • Land Forces Command (Budapest)
  • Air Force Command (Budapest)
  • 59th 'Dezso Szentgyörgyi' Airbase (Tactical Fighter Regiment) (MiG-29A/UB) (Kecskemét)
  • 87th 'Bakony' Combat Helicopter Regiment (Mi-24D/V, Mi-17, Mi-8TB) (Veszprém)
  • 89th 'Szolnok' Mixed Air Transport Regiment (An-26, Mi-8S/T, Mi-2, Zlin 43) (Szolnok)
  • 12th Air Defense Missile Brigade (Gyor)
  • 64th Command and Radar Regiment (Veszprém)
  • 1st Logistic and Support Regiment (Veszprém)
  • Kapos Base Airfield (Kapos)
  • Pápa Base Airfield (Pápa)
  • Sources:

        Hungarian Defense Force

        Hungarian Air Force

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