L'Armee Francaise

This order of battle is my latest attempt to provide an up-to-date picture of the status and disposition of the French army. The information used in this order of battle is taken from several sources, but primarily from French army websites.

Generally, French regiments and battalions are similar in size to American battalions and squadrons, composed of multiple squadrons or companies that are similar in size to American troops and companies.

The French army underwent a major reorganization starting in 1996 under the "Organization 2002" plan, which included the restructuring of the former nine division formations (which were smaller than other NATO divisions) into nine brigades. Additionally, the former 3rd Army Corps and Force d'Action Rapide (FAR) were disbanded and replaced with four new force staffs (EMF), which would take control of various brigades in an emergency or deployment, providing the skeletons of possible division formations. The EMFs do not command brigades in peacetime.

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