Polish Armed Forces

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Polish Armed Forces (Warsaw)

  • 1st Mechanized Corps (Bydgoszcz)
  • 12th 'Szczecin' Mechanized Division (Szczecin)
  • 6th Armored Cavalry Brigade (Stargard Szczecinski)
  • 2nd Mechanized Brigade (Zlocieniec)
  • 12th Mechanized Brigade (Szczecin)
  • 36th Mechanized Brigade (Trzebiatów)
  • 7th Coastal Defense Brigade (Slupsk)
  • 2nd Artillery Regiment (Choszczno)
  • 3rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment (Szczecin)
  • 16th 'Pomeranian' Mechanized Division (Elblag)
  • 9th Armored Cavalry Brigade (Braniewo)
  • 15th 'Gizycko' Mechanized Brigade (Gizycko)
  • 16th 'Pomorsko-Warminska'  Mechanized Brigade (Morag)
  • 20th 'Bartoszycka' Mechanized Brigade (Bartoszyce)
  • 16th Artillery Regiment (Braniewo)
  • 13th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment (Elblag)
  • 9th Recce Regiment (Lidzbark Warminski)
  • 49th 'Pulk' Combat Helicopters Regiment (Pruszcz Gdansk)
  • 1st 'Mazurska' Artillery Brigade (Wegorzewo)
  • 14th 'Suwalski' Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment (Suwalki)
  • 8th 'Koszalinski' Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment (Koszalin)
  • 2nd 'Mazowiecka' Sapper Brigade (Kazun Nowy)
  • 5th Engineer Regiment (Szczecin)
  • 4th Command Regiment (Bydgoszcz)
  • 2nd Mechanized Corps (Krakow)
  • Guard Regiment (Warsaw)
  • 1st Special Commando Regiment (Lubliniec)
  • Territorial Defense Forces
  • 4th 'Brodnicki' Chemical Regiment (Brodnica)
  • 1st Logistics Brigade (Bydgoszcz)
  • 10th Logistics Brigade (Opole)
  • Air Force and Air Defense Force (Warsaw)
  • 2nd Air Defense Corps (Bydgoszcz-Szwederowo)
  • 1st Tactical Aviation Brigade (Swidwin)
  • 1st 'Warszawa' Tactical Air Squadron (MiG-29A/UB, TS-11, An-2, Mi-2) (Minsk Mazowiecki)
  • 8th 'Brandenburski' Tactical Air Squadron (Su-22M-4/UM-3K, TS-11) (Miroslawiec)
  • 40th Tactical Air Squadron (Su-22M-4/UM-3K, TS-11, Mi-2) (Swidwin)
  • 41st Tactical Air Squadron (TS-11) (Malbork)
  • 2nd Liaison-Transport Squadron (An-28, An-2, Mi-2, Mi-8R, W-3RL, TS-11) (Bydgoszcz)
  • 3rd Air Defense Missile Brigade (Warsaw)
  • 78th Air Defense Missile Regiment (Mrzezyno)
  • 2nd Radio-Technical Brigade (Bydgoszcz-Szwederowo)
  • 3rd Air Defense Corps (Wroclaw)
  • 2nd Tactical Aviation Brigade (Poznan-Krzesiny)
  • 6th Tactical Air Squadron (Su-22M-4/M-4R/UM-3K, TS-11, Mi-2) (Powidz)
  • 7th Tactical Air Squadron (Su-22M-4/UM-3K, TS-11) (Powidz)
  • 3rd Tactical Air Squadron (TS-11, Mi-2)
  • 10th Tactical Air Regiment (TS-11) (Lask)
  • 3rd Liason-Transport Squadron (An-2, TS-11, Mi-2, W-3) (Wroclaw-Strachowice)
  • 1st Air Defense Missile Brigade (Bytom)
  • 61st Air Defense Missile Brigade (Skwierzyna)
  • 3rd Radio-Technical Brigade (Wroclaw-Strachowice)
  • Air Force Officer's Academy (Deblin)
  • 1st Air Training Center (TS-11, An-2, Mi-2, W-3) (Deblin)
  • 2nd Air Training Center (PZL-130TC-1) (Radom-Sadkow)
  • 13th Transport Squadron (C-295, An-26, An-2, Mi-2, Mi-2) (Kraków-Balice)
  • 36th Special Transport Regiment (Tu-154, Yak-40, Mi-8P, W-3A, Bell 412) (Warszawa-Okecie)
  • 45th Air Squadron (Test/Evaluation) (MiG-21M/US, PZL-130, Mi-2) (Modlin)
  • Navy (Warsaw)
  • 3rd Combat Flotilla (Gdynsk)
  • 8th Coastal Defense Flotilla (Swinousjcie)
  • 9th Coastal Defense Flotilla (Hel)
  • 'Gdynska' Naval Air Brigade (Gdynsk)
  • 28th Naval Air Squadron (M-28 Bryza-E/RF/TD, SH-2G, Mi-8MTV-1, W-3ARM/RM/T) (Gdynia-Babie Doly)
  • 29th Naval Air Squadron (Mi-14PL/PS, W-3RM/T) (Darlowo)
  • 30th Naval Air Squadron (M-28 Bryza-1R) (Cewice-Siemerowice)
  • Sources:

        Wojsko Polskie A. D. 2004

        Polish Air Arms

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